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Three-course bundle

There's so much content, it wouldn't fit into one course!

  • Leadership Tools for Black Belts

    Your first course in the sequence. Covers all the non-statistical tools a Black Belt needs to choose projects and lead a successful Six sigma improvement team.

  • Statistics for Black Belt

    Covers descriptive statistics, probability, hypothesis testing, statistical process control, regression analysis, and design of experiments - all taught by a PhD statistician. Includes a 6-month Minitab statistical software license. Already have access to Minitab? Use coupon code MINI at check out to get $400 off of the bundle price.

  • Project Capstone

    Time to put your knowledge to work! Complete a real-world Six Sigma project of your choosing with mentoring from your instructor.

Program features

Three-course bundle with instructor support and cheerleading! Students do not need a Green Belt to qualify for the Black Belt program.

  • Green Belt not required

  • Weekly live office hours with instructor

  • Instructional videos

  • Graded assignments with instructor feedback

  • Module quizzes

  • LinkedIn group

  • Six-month Minitab software license included

  • Course textbooks and slide books available separately