Dr. Mary McShane-Vaughn

Founder and lead instructor

  • Trained more than 1400 Yellow, Green, and Black Belts

  • She literally wrote the book! Editor of the 2022 ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook

  • Author of The Handbook of Quality Equations

  • ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Quality Engineer & Reliability Engineer

  • Past ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt exam chair. Current CQE exam chair.

  • Past industry positions as a quality engineer, statistician and consultant

  • Former tenured professor teaching grad classes in statistics, regression, SPC & DoE

  • Author of three additional textbooks on quality and statistics

  • PhD in Industrial Engineering & Statistics from Georgia Tech

  • MS in Statistics and BS in Industrial Engineering

What students are saying about Dr. MMV...

Green and Black Belt courses

by Mark H.

I had the opportunity to be a part of Mary's Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt courses at Emory University. Her subject matter expertise, teaching ability, interpersonal skills and great set of materials made a complex subject easier to comprehend. I highly recommend Mary to any University for teaching Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt certification courses.

Clarity of instruction

Kyle W.

Mary presented the Six Sigma concept with clarity and conciseness. I came away from my Green Belt course with a better understanding of the tools available to produce better bottom line results.


Anna M.

In pursuing my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt I was lucky enough to have Mary McShane Vaughn as a teacher. I originally was only interested in my Green Belt, but with Mary's encouragement I continued to pursue this training and earned my Black Belt. Her training technique is varied, it keeps you interested, she engages with the students and keeps even the more challenged students on track. I highly recommend Mary as a Lean Six Sigma trainer.

Exciting (seriously)

Spencer P.

I spent a week learning the ins-and-outs of Lean Six Sigma for a green belt course with Mary. Mary made statistics interesting, exciting (seriously) and relevant. The heavy substance was balanced by her humor and candor, so it never felt like a one-way lecture. Her expertise and experience was a definite plus, and contributed to it being an overall positive, productive and educational week!


Jenna B.

Mary was my lean six sigma green belt instructor via the University of Georgia’s continuing education department. She was awesome at presenting the more difficult concepts in a way that was easy to grasp and relevant to the real world. I highly recommend her as an instructor!

Mastery of the subject

Kenneth L.

Dr. Vaughn was instrumental in me earning my Masters in Quality Systems Management, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and LSSBB. Dr. Vaughn instructs in a way that piques your interest while getting you involved and active during the learning process. Her mastery of the subject matter is paralleled with her ability to pour what she knows into her students. Anybody taking a course she is instructing will benefit from a caring and responsive Professor—I know I did.

Real world examples

Sean O.

My experience of taking the course offered by Dr. MMV was smooth, easy to pick-up and put-down, and timely feedback for grades and questions. Each section built upon the previous, adding background information on the history of Lean Six Sigma, and real world examples; culminating in a course that shows the effectiveness of knowledge applied to the real world.

Accessible and ready to help

Chris M.

As I was looking into LSSBB curriculum, I found the University Partners program at the University of Georgia and decided to try it. The program was challenging but was structured in a way that made learning enjoyable and interesting. Dr. MMV was always accessible and ready to help. I would recommend this program to anyone.

Easy to understand

Subhayu G.

Mary is the best trainer I have come across. She blends excellent instructional skills including instructional designing and the technical mastery over QMS/Statistics to make super complex and dry topics exciting and easy to understand. Not to forget that I took the e-learning module and despite that, I felt like I got much more out of it than a classroom program. I would highly recommend her. She offers the best program you can get.

Highest accomplishment

Shawn C.

I attended Dr. MMV's class a few years back and highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their knowledge in Continuous Improvement. The material is very easy to understand and Mary herself explains everything in a realistic way. Achieving my Black Belt certification is one of the highest accomplishments I have obtained in my professional life. Truly living the Lean Six Sigma Mindset will improve all facets of your life. If you want to improve your personal or professional environment, Dr. MMV is the one to go to!!