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Stakeholder Analysis

As Dr. MMV is fond of saying, "Your Six Sigma project won't fail because you don't know enough math; if it fails, it will be because of people." Set your project up for success with the takeaways from this course.

  • Identify departments, job functions and individuals who will be affected by the project.

  • Decide on a behavioral approach and communication plan for each stakeholder to reduce pushback and prevent sabotage.

  • Use participation analysis to field a Six Sigma team that has the just the right people.

Stakeholder Analysis Course Curriculum

Got an hour? Learn a tool. You'll be using it for the rest of your career.

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    Stakeholder Analysis

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  • What will I be able to do after I complete the course?

    You will be able to complete a detailed stakeholder analysis for your next project. Using the template that is included in the course, you'll be able to identify people that will be affected by your project, develop a behavior approach for each stakeholder, choose who would be best for the project team, and have a communication plan.

  • Will I earn a certificate for the course?

    Yes! When you view all the instructional videos and pass the knowledge check with an 80% or more, you will receive a completion certificate. We have even created a badge so you can post your achievement on social media.

  • How long will I have access to the course material?

    The motto here is, "Got an hour? Learn a tool." With that said, you'll have access to the course material for 90 days after you enroll.

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Got an hour? Learn this tool! You'll be using it for the rest of your career.